The Programme

At Ally Todd Swimming we have programmes to develop confidence and competence for every age and stage

Early Childhood “Star Bursts”, “Water Babies”, “Toddler Turtles” (6 months – 3.5 years)

Our “Star Bursts” programme caters for 6 months to 3.5years with Water Babies (6 months to 2 years) and Toddler Turtles (18 months to 3.5 years) classes. Gaining comfort and confidence in and under the water, floating and propulsion skills in an environment which cements learning through games and activities with a caregiver.
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Early Childhood “Chatty Seals” (3 years – 5 .5 years)

Our “Chatty Seals” programme caters for 3 years to 5.5 years. Under 5’s learn through their senses – therefore a multi sensory approach is essential. All of the fundamental confidence and swimming skills are taught through fun activities which stimulate the brain and body.
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School Age “Star Fish” (5yrs to 12 yrs)

Our ‘Star Fish’ programme builds confidence from getting wet through to learning all four swimming strokes, personal survival skills and the technical skills of turns and streamlining for additional speed. At level 10 the Swimstar squads train to build endurance, strength, improved technique and efficiency.
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Schools “Bright Stars” Programme – School groups

Our Schools programme emphasises the basics of swimming technique, body position, balance and streamlining, and emphasises the importance of water safety behaviours and activities, through repetition and fun group activities. Although the groups are larger the children are active and participating in meaningful activities with clear success criteria and next learning steps.

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Adult Learn to Swim “Supa Stars” (18 yrs and over)

At Ally Todd Swimming our “Supa Stars” adult only classes are at times when all children’s classes are finished, to allow a comfortable and enjoyable environment to conquer the life changing skill of relaxed easy swimming. This enables adults to enjoy the water with their children or simply for their own personal challenge/health and well being.
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Lesson Times

 Contact us through the make a booking page for available times at each level.


  • Lessons are $19 per lesson
  • We run Terms of 9 to 11 lessons the same as schools, however, new enrolments can be taken at any stage of the term.
  • Payment is for the full term
  • We have a Community Services Card discount
  • We also run holiday programmes of 4 days during most school holidays. See the LATEST NEWS for details

Contact us on the enrolment page to make your booking now!

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