“Ally Todd epitomises energy, enthusiasm and continuous improvement. Your children could not be in better hands.”
Olympic Coach, Clive Rushton

I just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and the team for yet another great holiday programme. Aimee loved the four days she came and Georgia was fantastic with her.  Please pass on our thanks ( and to Jess who had her on day one who was also SO good!).  We are continually so impressed each time we step foot in Ally Todd. The level of teaching is such a high standard by all the teachers and we feel very blessed to have such an impressive swimming school in our community.  Thanks to all and keep up the great work!

“Hi Ally, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the awesome job you did presenting the information to our parents on Thursday last week. I must have been washing cups in the kitchen when you left! You are a natural with the mums and babies and make the topics so interesting and engaging. It’s always great having you come along so thanks for taking the time out of your day to do this.” Melissa Kenworthy, Community Support Coordinator Kapi-Mana

“We’d just like to thank you, Ally and the team for the amazing job you have done in building our girls into confident swimmers – we’ve all loved being a part of Ally Todd swimming since the beginning.  Thanks for being so kind and supportive to our girls development.  You all rock and we are going to miss heading to the pool after school each week.”

“I am so impressed with the classes tonight.  We have moved from another swim school because of the big class numbers, and general lack of interest watching the children after they are told to perform a task.  Really happy to see the difference in just one class. Thank you.”

“Thanks heaps for your support and skilful teaching of Edmund Alexander learning to swim over the past 5 years or so.  Ally Todd swimming is awesome!”

“We were soooooooooooo impressed with Lisa and the Ally Todd team today!  Thank you Lisa for making Mackenzie confident & happy to be in the water :-)”

“Hi Sandra, just a quick wee note to say thanks so much to you and the team and to Des for giving up her time yesterday for Bryce party. Everyone had a fantastic time and you may well get some more bookings out of it.”

“It was really the best thing ever and we had very tired kids at the end. Thanks again.”

“Your swim teachers are amazing…. no really they are amazing, I thought my daughter would never go under or float and look at her after one week with you, floating kicking and starting arms too”

“My daughter Nadia had a new teacher today, Sally. She was amazing, Nadia has never been so engaged and focused and Sally was very hands-on with her and the two other boys in her group. Sally also had a quick chat with me afterwards about Nadia’s session and gave me some ideas for exercise at home to improve her kicking.   I was very impressed with her skills.”
Regards, Reneta Wellings

“We are moving to the Kapiti Coast during the holidays and Pippa will be at school up there so won’t be able to continue on with her lessons next term 🙁  We have been sooo happy with the swimming at Ally Todd you guys are all amazing, its so hard to find excellent swimming teachers and we really like the method you guys use.”
Vanessa Webb

“Thanks so much, Ally. Will be sorry to lose Angela- she is absolutely fantastic as I’m sure you know! But this will work out to be far more convenient and easier on everyone! The girls are stoked! And I have been very impressed with Tash and both girls love her. Plus, brave lady, knows what a handful the girls can be together in the pool and still backed herself to take them on when I checked how she felt about it before asking! Hope she doesn’t live to regret it!  Once again, you and your team are amazing and we LOVE swimming with you- feels like such a family and always good catching up with all the instructors! Keep up the fabulous work!”

“Hi Sandra and Ally,
I just want to say a big thank you for a wonderful week of swimming this week.  I wanted to let you know I was totally impressed with your set up this week and the professionalism of your operation.  I have attended a number of swim clubs over the years and your operation is far superior to all of the ones I have had my kids in.  Coming to you every morning was the highlight of the kids day and no problem to get them up and motivated in the mornings.  All of the teachers controlled the kids and the classes really well and I loved your hands on approach to being in the pool with the kids (so many owners I have got to know prefer to work in the admin part of the business, rather than in the pool with the kids).

I am already committed to swimming somewhere else in term 1 this year, but I definitely want to swap my kids over in term 2 – can you include me on your waiting list and let me know when I can book in for term 2?  Jakson is my priority to start with but if I can get Jessica into a class with a similar time, then I’d love for her to continue as well.  She has loved being challenged this week and whilst out swimming with friends this afternoon she was showing off her tumble turns and butterfly stroke – it truly brought a smile to my face!

Thanks again, my friends have been singing your praises for ages and I’m glad I finally got my act together and saw first hand what they have been raving about.I look forward to catching up again soon.”
Cheers,  Annemaree Deed

“You might like to know that we read your swimming reports like bedtime stories around here – they love to hear what they did well!”
Sarah Sherriff

“Awesome lessons. My daughter improved sooooo much in the 1/2 hour lesson yesterday. She learnt and improved more in 1 lesson, than she has each term at the “other” lessons!! I am telling everybody I know!!”
Rhonda Huntley – Facebook.

“Gemma Linton Loves, Loves, Loves swimming with you guys….Loving how Keira’s confidence is coming along…YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!”

“Joel really enjoyed his lesson yesterday, he hasn’t shut up about it all weekend lol. I was impressed at how much he learnt in such a short amount of time.”

“Hi guys – just a quick note to say thanks for this great informative email. Thanks for the super holiday programme – it really has kick started Connor amazingly and he really enjoyed this class tonight. We are singing your praises all over Whitby and in fact a group of 5 mothers at our place today and we are all Ally Todd swimming fans….we love you guys!  Thanks heaps and keep it up……..”

“Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you from me and the girls. They really, really enjoyed the class and talked about it all the way home. It was great to meet you and we now fully understand why all our friends rave about your swim school!  Can’t wait for next week!”

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