Schools Programme “Bright Stars”

Our Schools Programme “Bright Stars” emphasises the basics of swimming technique, body position, balance and streamlining, and emphasises the importance of water safety behaviours and activities, through repetition and fun group activities. Although the groups are larger the children are active and participating in meaningful activities with clear success criteria and next learning steps.

The activities in the water are all ability based and span across the four strands of the Health and Physical Education curriculum but in particular the learning outcomes of Movement skills, Positive attitudes, Science and technology, and Challenges and Social/cultural factors. We also reinforce the key competencies of thinking, using language, symbols and text, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing as they are all integral to the success of the aquatics programme.

We aim to support critical thinking and action enabling students to understand the role and significance of physical aquatic acivities.

We ensure best results and use of pool time by initiating each group of lessons with a school vist.
Meeting with the whole group ensures everyone understand the expectations regarding the following

  • Use of the pool
  • Behaviour expectations
  • Keeping safe in and around the pool
  • Maximising swimming time

Some aspects of the science of swimming, and basic concepts of movement in water are also covered, including

  • Streamlining, floatation and balance
  • Propulsion and resistance
  • Best use of your body
  • Measuring improvement

During this initial meeting the children observe photos and videos and practice some dry land drills to ensure they are comfortable and ready to take on the challenges at their particulat skill level.

We offer several different options for assessment including a swimmer self assessment rubric and details of group challenges including success criteria and next learning steps.


Lessons are in 3, 4 or 5 week blocks, where the children coming 2 to 3 days a week.


Details are available on enquiry. 

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