School Age “Star Fish” (5 to 12 yrs)

Our ‘Star Fish’ programme builds confidence from getting wet, through to learning all four swimming strokes, personal survival skills and the technical skills of turns, finishes and streamlining for additional speed.

Our principles for success include:

  • The safest child around water is a supervised child
  • Swimming skills are learned easily once the aquatic fundamentals are second nature
  • Swimming is fun, and a skill for life
  • It takes 90 repetitions to learn new skills… perfect practice makes perfect
  • Every child brings their own colour and perspective to each class
  • Multiple lessons per weeks accelerates learning
  • Individualising up and down accelerates learning every session
  • Water safety and learn to swim are one and the same

Our top three levels learn to:

  • Maximise the use of nature’s forces
  • Streamline effectively for easy speed
  • Utilise balance to decrease resistance
  • Feel for the water and learn how body awareness increases propulsion

Levels – with the key outcomes

Full details of all learning outcomes for each level are available on the Progress Reports for each child at the end of term.

  1. Confidence  – “Developing the comfort and confidence to independently submerge completely”
  2. Floating – “Floating independently on front and back.”
  3. Sculling and propulsion – ”Kicking at the surface on front and back and rolling.”
  4. Kick and breathe – “Combining stroking and kicking in Freestyle and Backstroke, introducing Breaststroke and Butterfly kicks”
  5. Stroke and breathe – “Stroking and breathing for 15m Freestyle, smooth opposite arms Backstroke.”
  6. Stroke drill  – “30m Freestyle breathing in a long stretched breathing position, kicking breaststroke flat at the surface, Back stroke starts and Freestyle transitions”
  7. Stroke Control – “Swimming with Transitions underwarter from Back in Freesytle and Backstroke 60m, Breaststroke timing and 3 strokes of Butterfly”  
  8. Stroke Technique – “75m Freestyle with strong kick and Bi lateral breathing , intro to tumble turns and Breaststroke pull out”
  9. Stroke Endurance – “100m smooth swimming freestyle and backstroke with tumble turns, 60m Breaststroke with at least 6m transitions 15m Butterfly”
  10. Swim Star  –  “Individual medley with 7 turns easy swimming and an understanding of drills to develop stroke technique and feel.” At level 10 the Swimstar squads train to build endurance, strength, improved technique and efficiency.

Lesson Times

Mon – Fri          3.10pm – 6.30pm
Saturday           8.00am – 1pm


  • Lessons are $19 per lesson
  • We run Terms of 9 to 11 lessons the same as schools, however new enrolments can be taken at any stage of the term.
  • Payment is for the full term
  • We have a 10% Community Services Card discount
  • We also run holiday programmes of 4 or 5 days during most school holidays. See the LATEST NEWS for details

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