Our staff

Ally Todd – MA, PGCE, BA (Hons)

Ally Todd is a business owner and has taught swimming for the past 26 years from Pre-school to International competition. Ally has presented at swimming teaching and coaching conferences in England, USA and Australia, she spent 4 years working for Swimming New Zealand as the National Education Manager, has managed swimming pools for Wellington City Council and has taught first aid for St John. Ally is a trained primary school teacher.

Ally develops the programme at Ally Todd swimming in consultation with the staff and in line with best practice pedagogy. Teach actions developing student learning is the forefront of all staff training, weekly updates, termly training and block courses are organized for all staff.

Ally Todd epitomizes energy, enthusiasm and continuous improvement. Your children could not be in better hands. – Olympic Coach, Clive Rushton

Sandra Holden – B Ph Ed, Dip T

Sandra is a business owner in Ally Todd Swimming and has been involved in swimming for 20 years.  Sandra started out teaching swimming for Johnsonville Flippers and taught all levels for 6 years. While teaching swimming Sandra became the Event Manager for Lotto Take the Plunge, a learn to swim event held at 200 pools around the country. 11,000 participants had lessons for 2 weeks in January each year.

Sandra then moved to the competitive side of swimming and became the Event Manager for Swimming New Zealand, running the national and international competitions. Sandra has a tertiary qualification in Physical Education.  Sandra has always been involved in water sports and is loving being back in the pool teaching at Ally Todd Swimming.

Sandra has a passion for the introductory levels and regularly shares her ideas for recognizing “readiness” to ensure confidence and accelerated improvements at every level.  Sandra also looks after the financial aspects of the business.

Desiree Mackey (Des)

Congratulations to Des and Reuben for the birth of their son Cory in November. Des is currently on maternity leave for Term 4 2018 and Term 1 2019.  We hope to see her back teaching in Term 2 2019.

From the starting blocks I was to be Desiree Gordon (Des). At the whistle I dove out into the world, later joined by two other girls, my little sisters, we became a fish family, we can swim and we swim well.

I streamlined my way through regional, national and ocean swim meets. When it came to my future I turned quickly at the wall away from my original thoughts to be a P.E teacher, to be a designer at Massey University instead.

I got my first and only job, teaching swimming down at the local pool, I have taught the adorable little guppies as young as 6 months old to the wise turtles of 86.

After my degree I was looking to smash through the wall into whatever race was coming up next. Now I’m working full time at Ally Todd Swimming as a swimming teacher, updating the facebook and website pages, re-ordering goggle stock and working with Ally and Sandra to further develop the Ally Todd Swimming brand.

Daniel Shannon

Daniel has finished college and gave Whitireia a go but decided his real passion was teaching children how to have fun in the water teaching life skills and technique work ready for squad level. Dan is now working full time at Ally Todd Swimming. He enjoys outdoor activities like camping, tramping, rugby and running. Daniel has completed Duke of Edinborough. Daniel has a younger sister, Zoe who also teaches with the Ally Todd Swimming team and he from the United Kingdom.

Daniel learnt how to swim from Ally Todd at Ally Todd swimming and Tornadoes. He enjoys teaching the middle to higher levels of the programme. Daniel structures his classes with lots of opportunities for practice and development; he has an eye for developing a long flat body position at the surface of the water and builds the basics of body position and balance with precision to develop maximum potential for all his swimmers.

Tessa Koschak

Tessa is starting her study at Victoria University, majoring in Education. When she leaves she hopes to find a job as a primary school teacher.  Tessa is a calm and caring well-organised teacher. Tessa likes to plan thoroughly to ensure all the essential aspects of technique are covered as often as possible during lessons.

Tessa enjoys teaching the introductory levels of the programme developing readiness, breath control and beginning floating and kicking on the surface of the water, creating movement and propulsion. She has a range of skills for teaching the tricky levels where the learners are developing smooth breathing patterns.  Tessa’s well planned approach ensures every child receives the appropriate drill to develop their next learning steps. Her encouraging approach ensures the learners enjoy challenging themselves.

Amy Grant

Amy has 2 children that swim at Ally Todd Swimming and before working with the team Amy worked as a child career for 4.5 years. Outside of work Amy enjoys spending time with her children, playing at he beach and racing BMX bikes. She also coaches school hockey.

Amy enjoys working with the pre schoolers in the programme as well as school swimming, to help them achieve the best they can, getting the children in, under, exploring and floating. She has a child centered approach ensuring all children feel a sense of belonging and success through their swimming progress. She is always looking for the next achievement to celebrate. Amy is well organized and this ensures effective lessons structured to meet each of the children’s needs in a fun, games based environment.

Nina Harris

Nina is currently at Tawa College, outside of the Ally Todd swimming team Nina enjoys netball, soccer and the adventures family holidays bring.

Nina has been at Ally Todd swimming team for 3 years, she follows in the footsteps of her Mum who taught with Ally Todd SWIMMING for 5 years. Nina brings energy and enthusiasm to her teaching ensuring the classes are fun but well structured and challenging. She enjoys creating speed off the walls and refining technique to develop efficient effective swimming strokes across all four strokes.

Zoe Shannon

Zoe has completed her early child studies level 1-3 at Aotea College and Whitireia, she is currently doing a diploma at New Zealand School of Tourism, Once Zoe finishes she hopes to complete a travel degree so she can travel and see the world. Outside of the Ally Todd swimming team Zoe loves to swim, as well as other outdoor activities.

Zoe enjoys teaching the middle levels of the programme working on the essential fundamentals for excellent swimming. By developing strong kick and flat body position and utilising shoulder roll for long strokes Zoe encourages each learner to get the most out of their body position and “paddle power”.

Lucy Peterson

Lucy is currently at Tawa College, outside of the Ally Todd swimming team Lucy swims for OCA 3 days a week and enjoys water spots and netball.  Once finished college Lucy hopes to travel and see some of the world.

Lucy has a fun teaching style and loves to see progress each session, she carefully chooses drills to meet the learning needs of her groups. Lucy understands how to break each stroke down in order to re build it for better performance.

Joshua Nairne

Josh is currently studying at University of Wellington, along with keeping up his running training.  Outside of the Ally Todd swimming team Josh enjoys doings running and being with friends and family.

Josh enjoys teaching the higher levels of the programme, creating a positive and fun learning environment, with plenty of challenge, so each child is being pushed to the best of their ability. Josh is very patient and will spend time in order to make sure each child understands what is required for the next learning step.

Jessica Todd

Jessica is currently at Onslow College, when she finishes she hopes to study agriculture. Outside of college she competes regularly in equestrian events
including dressage, show jumping and cross country.

In the pool Jessica loves helping others to develop speed in the water through good balance and great technique.

Abbie, Tasmin, Georgia and Shanaya

These girls are currently team training with us at Ally Todd Swimming.

This means some classes throughout the week may have two teachers this is beneficial to both the children and teachers. The children are getting twice the eyes on and feedback on their swimming and the teachers are collaborating on various teaching practices and methods.

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