Our staff

Ally Todd – MA, PGCE, BA (Hons)

Ally Todd is a business owner and has taught swimming for the past 26 years from Pre-school to International competition. Ally has presented at swimming teaching and coaching conferences in England, USA and Australia, she spent 4 years working for Swimming New Zealand as the National Education Manager, has managed swimming pools for Wellington City Council and has taught first aid for St John. Ally is a trained primary school teacher.

Ally develops the programme at Ally Todd swimming in consultation with the staff and in line with best practice pedagogy. Teach actions developing student learning is the forefront of all staff training, weekly updates, termly training and block courses are organized for all staff.

Ally Todd epitomizes energy, enthusiasm and continuous improvement. Your children could not be in better hands. – Olympic Coach, Clive Rushton

Sandra Holden – B Ph Ed, Dip T

Sandra is a business owner in Ally Todd Swimming and has been involved in swimming for 20 years.  Sandra started out teaching swimming for Johnsonville Flippers and taught all levels for 6 years. While teaching swimming Sandra became the Event Manager for Lotto Take the Plunge, a learn to swim event held at 200 pools around the country. 11,000 participants had lessons for 2 weeks in January each year.

Sandra then moved to the competitive side of swimming and became the Event Manager for Swimming New Zealand, running the national and international competitions. Sandra has a tertiary qualification in Physical Education.  Sandra has always been involved in water sports and is loving being back in the pool teaching at Ally Todd Swimming.

Sandra has a passion for the introductory levels and regularly shares her ideas for recognizing “readiness” to ensure confidence and accelerated improvements at every level.  Sandra also looks after the financial aspects of the business.

Tessa Koschak

Tessa is starting her study at Victoria University, majoring in Education. When she leaves she hopes to find a job as a primary school teacher.  Tessa is a calm and caring well-organised teacher. Tessa likes to plan thoroughly to ensure all the essential aspects of technique are covered as often as possible during lessons.

Tessa enjoys teaching the introductory levels of the programme developing readiness, breath control and beginning floating and kicking on the surface of the water, creating movement and propulsion. She has a range of skills for teaching the tricky levels where the learners are developing smooth breathing patterns.  Tessa’s well planned approach ensures every child receives the appropriate drill to develop their next learning steps. Her encouraging approach ensures the learners enjoy challenging themselves.

Angus Todd

Angus Todd has been teaching for Ally Todd swimming since we opened in 2010, taking a few years away to complete his training as a flight instructor, and returned to swim teaching in 2020.
Currently he spends his time outside the pool volunteering as a rowing coach at Onslow College while also maintaining his flying currency.

In the pool Angus prefers teaching the higher levels and has an attention to detail for increasing speed in the water. Angus enjoys the rewards of celebrating success to promote further development through increased self esteem. He has completed the Swimming New Zealand Swim Teacher award course and is currently completing the written and practical assessment criteria. Angus also has a passion for creative design and technology projects including piecing together his own computer and constructing suits of armor from movies and tv shows.

Jessica Todd

Jessica has finished college and will be going to Massey University soon to study agriculture. Outside of college she competes regularly in equestrian eventsincluding dressage, show jumping and cross country.

In the pool Jessica loves helping others to develop speed in the water through good balance and great technique.

Lucy Campbell

Lucy is currently a student at Aotea College. Lucy learnt to swim at Ally Todd, which led her into a passion for swimming so after finishing all the levels and training in Tornados she decided to continue swimming by moving to PCA and still trains in the competitive senior squad. She also loves kayaking at Mana kayak club and is currently training for the Coast to Coast kayaking leg in 2023.

Lucy loves to see the progress each swimmer makes every lesson. Lucy enjoys teaching the higher levels in teh programme as she is able to use some of the drills she uses in her swim training and adapts them to suit the age level that is being taught, to help the swimmers have improved technique and increased speed in the water.

Luke Weir-Smith

I am in year 12 at Aotea College and I particularly enjoy Physical activities. Outside of school I enjoy playing golf and basketball. 

At Ally Todd Swimming I enjoy teaching the lower and middle levels and love to see the smiles and happiness kids bring to the pool. After school I hope to study at university to become either a physiotherapist or chiropractor and hope to grow in terms of my swimming teaching skills.

Dannielle Rule

Dannielle is currently a year 12 at Aotea College. Outside of the Ally Todd Swimming team she enjoys under water hockey and competitive swimming. Dannielle is also training to be the cyclist on the Aotea College 2023 Coast to Coast team.

Dannielle enjoys the challenge of coming up with new ways to teach. She loves seeing the smiles on the swimmers’ faces and hearing about the exciting things they have done that day. Dannielle loves swimming herself and loves passing on her knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. 

Mason Leach

Mason is currently attending Scots College, once he is finished at Scots, he hopes to pursue a degree in either history or psychology. 

Outside of Ally Todd swimming he enjoys learning and playing the guitar, any form of writing and almost all styles of music. In addition, he also enjoys time spent with friends at local bookstores or museums.

Mason has learnt to swim at Ally Todd and has loved the water ever since! He particularly enjoys teaching mid to high levels and especially loves seeing not only skills, but confidence evolve in each swimmer. Mason finds that bringing a mixture of enthusiasm and patience to the class is the best way for him to teach the necessary skill of swimming.

Ollie Bond

My name is Olliver Bond and I am year 12 at Wellington High School. Outside of school I do a range of water based activities such as Swimming, Water Polo, Sailing, Underwater Hockey and Sea Scouts. 

At Ally Todd Swimming I enjoy teaching the mid to high levels and thinking/borrowing different ways to teaching the kids. I really enjoy finding a drill or exercise which helps the kids grow there swimming skills. 

Petro Goosen

I am a year 11 student at Tawa College where I do Kapa Haka, play for the school’s netball team and other leadership roles.

I have been through the Ally Todd program when I was younger and have always loved the water as I am a qualified Surf Lifeguard at Titahi Bay beach.

At Ally Todd I enjoy teaching the middle levels and like to have heaps of fun with the kids but also to challenge them.

After I finish school I hope to go to university and study to become a chiropractor.

Mahana Bartley

Hi my name is Mahana and I’m a year 11 at Aotea college. 

In my spare time I enjoy getting outside, Playing Hockey and Netball and spending time with my friends and family. At school I enjoy PE, English, and Biology.  

I love teaching swimming because of how rewarding it is seeing each child grow and achieve there swimming goals. I believe that each one of my students should always leave the pool with a big smile.

e heaps of fun with the kids but also to challenge them.

After I finish school I hope to go to university and study to become a chiropractor.

Chloe Weir-Smith

Hi I’m Chloe I’m a year 10 at Aotea college . 

I love dancing and playing netball when I’m not at school, and enjoy being with my family and friends. My career choice would either be Architecture, journalism, or chiropractics (all very different). My favourite subject at school is English. 

I love seeing the smiles on all of the kids faces when they are welcomed into swimming, I make sure they are having a blast when swimming with me but are also learning lots, personally I believe they learn the most when having fun!

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