Birthday Party Pool Hire

Ally Todd Swimming @ Discovery School may be available for Birthday Party Pool Hire.

We are emptying the pool on Saturday 16th Decmber to repaint, therefore the pool will be unavailable for Party Hire from Saturday 16th December 2023 to Tuesday 23rd January 2024.

The pool is available on request on Saturday’s from 1.30pm after lessons have finished.
Sunday bookings are only available if a staff member is available.
All requests are dependant on a staff member being available.


Pool hire is $120 per hour and most people hire the pool for 2 hours.
There are tables for food and drinks, plus tea and coffee making facilities. Sorry no microwave.
Pool hire includes someone to open up and lock up and watch over the pool and children.
We don’t provide activities or facilitate the party itself.

Pool toys

The pool noodles and diving treasure from the pool are available to be used.
People are welcome to bring your own blow up toys.


We do ask that there are enough adults to supervise the children swimming, as this is not the sole responsibility of the person overseeing.
The pool is 0.85cm deep at the shallow end and generally children aged 4 can stand in this end comfortably and walk around. Those children who CANNOT stand up at the shallow end and CANNOT float and stand up on their own (no matter what age) need to be accompanied in the pool by an adult.  This does not mean observing from the side, the adult MUST BE IN THE WATER with their child.

Swim caps

We have a swim caps policy which helps us to maintain our excellent pool water quality. All children are required to wear these in the pool at parties.

Email to request a date and time for a Birthday Party.

An invoice will be sent via email once the request is confirmed.

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