Our Pool

Our Pool at Ally Todd SWIMMING

Discovery School
Spinnaker Drive

The pool is

  • custom-made for learn to swim
  • 15m long x 5m wide
  • 0.85 at the shallow end
  • 0.95 at the deep end
  • heated all year round to 32.5 degrees

There is also

  • ample parking in the Discovery School car park
  • a warm shower on poolside for use before and/or after lessons
  • heat pumps in the changing rooms for cold nights and days
  • toddler play table and toys to keep any little ones occupied during lessons
  • always a cheery welcome and goodbye as we aim to 'make your day'

Lesson Times

  • Early Childhood lessons - Mon/Tues 9am – 12pm, Wed 1pm – 3pm, Thurs 1.50 – 3pm, Fri 1.20pm - 3pm, Sat 9am – 2pm.
  • School Age lessons -  Mon – Fri 3.10pm - 6.30pm, Fri 3.10pm  - 5pm,  Sat 8.00am – 2pm.

Feel free to visit if you would like to see the pool or our lessons in action.

See the refurbishment gallery here to see process to get the pool up and running.

Contact us on the enrolment page to make your booking now!