The place where Swimming Matters

Ally Todd Swimming offers you

  • A place to meet your  swimming needs in a fun, safe and friendly environment
  • A unique technique and child centered programme
  • Programmes from babies and non-confident learners, to competition and Adult learn to swim
  • World leading early childhood aquatics – developing babies and young childrens’ learning potential through aquatic skills in a stimulating environment
  • Squads for fitness, competition and skill development
  • Qualified and professionally trained instructors whose key objective is to ‘make your day’!


Our approach to swim teaching has been built through over 50 collective years of experience, study and formal qualifications (see Our Staff here)

  • Accessing the learning brain is essential for anyone to develop and retain new skills. We develop a learning environment which is; safe but challenging, fun and encouraging to maximise learning opportunities.
  • Nature’s forces are implicit in the ‘learn to swim’ process, and application of the science of swimming is integral to our success.
  • Recognising individuality within the child development process allows our instructors to individualise and capitalise on learning opportunities.
  • Developing water safety knowledge and behaviours in and around water is essential for life-long enjoyable and safe aquatic participation
  • Learner centred teaching and coaching ensures the learning environment fosters the development of self awareness in the water which leads to control and self belief. If you figure something out yourself it is already in your memory!
  • We understand that in early childhood, learning occurs through the senses; this has enabled us to create a unique learning opportunity within the aquatic sessions.
  • We have experience with children / adults with special needs and our 1-1 star to star programmes gets results!
  • Our business plan develops Win-Win opportunities for swimmers, communities, schools and business.


“Ally Todd epitomises energy, enthusiasm and continuous improvement. Your children could not be in better hands. ”

Olympic Coach, Clive Rushton

We all know that learning to swim opens up a vast world of opportunities for people of all ages in New Zealand. Our programmes are designed to develop confidence and competence in the essential skills necessary to enjoy life to the fullest in our fabulous water soaked land.

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